kinda like


fun facts!

if she

were a Puerto Rican photographer

I’m a libra who's obsessed with the stars!


I love corny jokes and sometimes attempt to tell them.


I could probably eat pasta pretty much every day of my life.


90s POP AND R&B is where it’s @


You’re talking to a pickle enthusiast.


If you have a dog I definitely want to pet it.


I will openly talk about my favorite Netflix Binges.


My family has said my Alfredo sauce is fire.


If you like tacos and margaritas, you already start with 5,000 brownie points. xo


It's a brilliant, gorgeous, and slightly zany place

take a peak inside and meet me!

I cry about pretty much anything, even when I’m happy. Life is for living, and I strive to do that fully every day.


In my view, the glass is always half full… of tequila! But really, I’m a silver-lining gal ready to bring out your true smile. Also really, buy me a shot of tequila and I’ll love you forever.


I’m a Harry-Potter-loving, lavender latte-drinking, extremely cheesy breed of a dork.


There’s nothing better than exploring new places (camera in-hand) and learning about other cultures. My favorite place is San Juan, Puerto Rico which inspired one of my tattoos; it says “Todos Somos Humanos” or “we are all human”.


let's dance to some of my fav jams


see some of my work here!

I love building relationships and making people feel good about themselves.

I am a strong believer that photography is a collaboration between the shooter and the subject. I truly enjoy helping my clients create sessions that are as unique as them. I love incorporating your ideas and what you find meaningful to be the core of our time together. Why pay someone to take photos that you don't enjoy or feel a connection with? ... you shouldn't!

Your ideas and vision 

for your session


collaboration is magic

Take me to the experience!